About Joining the Association

CALL/ACAMS regular membership is open to lawyers in Canada representing trade unions or employee organizations who are sponsored by a member and approved for regular membership by the Executive Committee. If you consider that you are eligible and have not previously been a member of CALL/ACAMS send in your application as described below with a short note describing the work you do that you consider brings you within the eligibility requirement.

Articling students are eligible provided the student's activities are consistent with the interests of CALL/ACAMS. For example, a student currently or recently employed by a management firm or with labour relations responsibility for an employer would not be eligible.

Eligibility of members will be reviewed annually by the Executive.

Membership Policy

Please click here to view the CALL/ACAMS Membership Policy.

If you meet CALL/ACAMS membership requirements and wish to join then send your completed CALL Membership Application form and a cheque in payment of CALL/ACAMS membership fees payable to CALL/ACAMS to:

c/o Victory Square Law Office LLP
710 - 777 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1S4 



Lawyers                   $100.00 per lawyer
Articling Students  $25.00 per student
Retired Members    $25.00 per member